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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #4

Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #4
  • jFIAT and AUR vaults launched on
  • Podcast with ITKeyMedia
  • New discussions and votes
  • New jFIAT to be added

📰 Quick news
jFIAT-USDC and AUR-USDC vaults launched on Harvest Finance
Harvest Finance launched 4 new vaults to further optimize the yield of our Polygon’s Forex Farming program on KybderDMM. Furthermore, Jarvis together with Harvest added around $50k of rewards in addition to the AUR rewards, to further increase the yield.
Learn more in the dedicated article here.
Pascal participated in a podcast with Alex Morari from ITKeyMedia
They talked about our jFIAT stablecoins, 1:1 fiat on/off-ramp with Mt Pelerin, business model, how enterprises could use jFIATs, and of course, our next moves.
Watch the replay here.
jCAD is live
We launched a jCAD liquidity pool on Polygon. It joins the two other assets we deployed recently, jSGD and jPHP.
🧪 Synthereum
  • jFIATs market cap: $554k
  • TVL: $787k
  • Liquidity available: $1.1M
  • jFIATs market cap: $4.1M
  • TVL: $4.6M
  • Liquidity available: $3.4M
  • The unit tests of the self-minting v2 and liquidity pool v2 are completed. Now the team is doing internal reviewing of the code.
  • After an internal review of the Atomic Swap v2, there were a few things that needed to be adjusted.
🗳️ Governance
  • p23: community member zvex, proposed to reconsider the pairing of AUR with USDC, and replace it with JRT instead. You can join the discussion on Discord.
  • P21: Since Harvest created vaults for our Forex yield farming program, and added $400 of iFARM and $800 of Matic per week and per vault, to reciprocate such a gesture and solidity future partnerships, the Senate voted on adding an additional $12k of $JRT and $9k of jFIAT as rewards for deposits on (Vote).
📱 Apps
Jarvis Exchange
jCAD was added on the exchange.
We deployed a new demo for our synthetic Franc CFA, before it is fully integrated within Jarvis Exchange:
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