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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #39

Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #39
  • Synthereum v2 on Optimism
  • New 2eur pools on Optimism
  • Arbitrages tracked in our Dune Analytics dashboard
  • Liquidity provider dasboard completed
  • 3brl pool deployed on BNB Chain
  • New money printer deployed on Polygon
  • Liquidity moved from Market to Midas
  • Space with Num Finance about LATAM stablecoins

📰 Quick news
Deployment on Optimism
The Synthereum v2’s USDC-jEUR liquidity pool has been deployed on Optimism, allowing anyone to buy and sell jEUR on a L2.
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
The first deposit into the Synthereum's USDC pool on @optimismFND.

Synthereum then deposits them into @AaveAave to earn yield.

The pool now holds 200 $aUSDC and the LP earns 2.31%.


Following the deployment, we minted the first jEUR on a L2, and deployed 2 pools on Curve, in order to prepare for future yield farming program on this new network.
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
👶Just got a little sister...

While the #2eur (agEUR) is useful for $agEUR, the #2eur (sEUR) pool is actually useful for $sUSD, since $sEUR can be converted for sUSD and $jEUR for USDC, both at the @chainlink price feed.
Some data about the PLAAS program
The PLAAS program has worked great and contributed to helping other stablecoins with their peg and liquidity.
So far, the 2eur (PAR) pool has processed 1M Euros of swaps.
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
One of $jEUR (and jFIATs) roles is to help other Euro stablecoins with their peg and liquidity.

We call this the #PLAAS (Peg & Liquidity As A Service).

The 2EUR (PAR) pool on @CurveFinance, which contains jEUR and $PAR from @mimo_labs, has processed 1M Euros of swaps.
8M euros for the 2eur (agEUR) pool…
2M Euros for the 2eur (EURT) one…
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
And more than 2M Euros of swaps for the 2EUR (EURT) pool which contains $jEUR and $EURT from @Tether_to.
And of course 100M Euros for the historical 4eur (EURS, EURT, PAR) pool…
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
That is still a long way to go to overpass the ~100M Euros of swaps in the infamous @JeanBrasse_'s #4eur pool.

Altogether, the Jarvis Euro pools generated more than 20,000 Euros of fees for @CurveFinance's LP on @0xPolygon, and 20,000 Euros of fees for the Curve's treasury.
Tracking arbitrages
A very large part of these transactions are arbitrages to help maintaining the peg of these stablecoins.
We started tracking arbitrages that happen in the same transactions, as well as the bot performing these operations.
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
We are now tracking arbitrages that happen in the same transaction, on our @DuneAnalytics dashboard.

These data shows how much fees for Synthereum and AMMs LPs have been generated, and which addresses are the most active.
Audit of Synthereum v2
We partnered with @Jarvis_Network to secure their Synthereum protocol

Synthereum provides a way for users to trade synthetic fiat currencies called jFIATs.

We found 4 issues that Jarvis quickly fixed.

Here's what we found👇
Deployment of the 3brl pool on Ellipsis
The BRZ Token team reached to us to share their intention to deploy liquidity for wBRZ, a BRZ token minted on Solana and bridged to BNB Chain through Wormhole. The reason is that FTX offers deposit and withdrawal of BRZ on Solana, so wBRZ could be used for arbitrages between Jarvis and FTX.
As such, we deployed the 3brl pool, containing jBRL, BRZ (BNB) and wBRZ (Solana).
jBRL - Jarvis Synthetic Brazilian Real 🇧🇷
🇧🇷 Agora será possível fazer arbitragem de stablecoin de BRL entre a @Jarvis_Network e a @FTX_Official!

🤝Tudo isso graças a nova pool #3BRL que é uma parceria com @BrzToken!

🚀Automaticamente isso torna @FTX_Official uma nova rampa fiat para o ecossistema da Jarvis Network.
Following the deployment, we processed to submit a proposal to the Ellipsis governance to deploy a gauge for the new pool.
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
To all the $vlEPX and locked $DDD owners!

There is a vote to incentivize the new #3brl pool (the pool will replace the #2brl one).

It contains $jBRL, $BRZ, and $wBRZ (BRZ bridged from @solana through @wormholecrypto, to allow arbitrages with the BRZ listed on @FTX_Official).
Twitter Space with Num Finance
Jonatan, our Mexican community manager and biz dev, has reached out to numerous actor of the LATAM excosystem. Last week, he participated to its second Space (the first one was with DeFi Latam) with Num Finance, who are issuing stablecoins for LATAM countries, and plan on launching a MXN stablecoin as well.
French tutorial for Mt Pelerin x Jarvis
Crypto Farmeur Youtube
📹 Comment acheter des cryptos SANS FRAIS et SANS KYC... livré sur le blockchain!

C'est ce que propose @mtpelerin si vous utilisez le jEUR de @Jarvis_Network 😍

Spoiler : ça ne fonctionne pas uniquement pour le on-ramp, mais également pour le off ramp!!
🧪 Synthereum
Data on Polygon
  • TVL: $6,438,725.22 ($7,286,928.83)
  • Market Cap: $5,965,821 ($6,331,137)
  • Volume: $230,650,386 ($227,844,770)
  • Swaps: 120,845 (117,653)
  • Users: 11,245 (11,200)
Data on BNB Chain
  • TVL: $529,771.06 ($629,561.98)
  • Market Cap: $565,440.65 ($657,478.75)
  • Volume: $7,487,217.11 ($7,196,832.25)
  • Swaps: 1,879 (1,789)
  • Users: 351 (344)
More data on our BNB Dune Analytics dashboard
  • We have finalized the adjustments and deployment of the new Printer on Polygon. This new contract allowed us to use our Direct Deposit Module to move all the liquidity from to Midas. Also, it allows us to link various modules such as future stability pool or flashmint one.
  • Synthereum v2 has been deployed on Optimism. Following the deployment, we have completed a serie of changes in order for the pools to be able to claim the incentive rewards distributed to Aave depositors on Optimism (OP tokens). This will allow LPs to earn more yield.
  • The support for Optimism has been added both to Jarvis Exchange and the Liquidity Provider dashboard.
  • We have started working on the Buyback vault and are still discussing the options for LPs to claim JARVIS tokens. Apart from that vault, most of the code will be reused from Curve, so there won’t be much more to do apart from extensive testing to make sure everything works as we expect it to.
📱 Apps
Liquidity provider app
  • We have finalized the dashboard and its first version was officially released and ready to be used. We are still adjusting some minor details, but overall all the functionalities necessary to manage a position as an LP are there:
Borrowing app
  • We’ve finalized the Borrow and Repay modals. Only deposit/withdraw remain which are more simple to do and some optimizations before the application is production ready.
🗳️ Governance
No new discussion or vote.
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