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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #38

Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #38
  • Paraswap integration of the v2 completed
  • First one year anniversary with Mt Pelerin!
  • 100k swaps on Polygon
  • First version of the liquidity provider dashboard
  • Code of the Money Printer on Polygon completed

📰 Quick news
Sneak peek of the Liquidity management application
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
👀 Testing the first iteration of the Synthereum v2 LP Dashboard, allowing users to request being an LP, and manage their liquidity.
First anniversary of our partnership with Mt Pelerin
We are celebrating our first year anniversary with Mt Pelerin, by going through a few numbers :)
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
🎂 Last month marked the first anniversary of the best on and off-ramp for DeFi, brought to you by @mtpelerin and @Jarvis_Network.

pascal0x 🧪🦇🔊
That's a cool one!

In average:

23 transactions per day
$11.6k per users
$2.7k per transactions

On Gnosis Chain it is mostly for using @RealTPlatform

Surprised to see such activity on #Avalanche where we have no ecosystem (yet).
100k swaps!
With the Synthereum v2 being now tracked on our Dune Analytics dashboard, we had the pleasant surprise to see a boom in the number of transactions!
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
The v2 is now tracked on our @DuneAnalytics Dashboard.

We overpassed the 100k swaps milestone on @0xPolygon.
🧪 Synthereum
Data on Polygon
  • TVL: $7,286,928.83 ($7,038,454.93)
  • Market Cap: $6,331,137 ($6,223,400)
  • Volume: $227,844,770 ($212,092,663)
  • Swaps: 117,653 (68,000)
  • Users: 11,200 (10,920)
Data on BNB Chain
  • TVL: $629,561.98 ($714,886.41)
  • Market Cap: $657,478.75 ($687,528.97)
  • Volume: $7,196,832.25 ($6,704,109.82)
  • Swaps: 1,789 (1,693)
  • Users: 344 (338)
More data on our BNB Dune Analytics dashboard
  • The Paraswap integration of the v2 is completed and awaits for the Paraswap team feedback and merge.
  • The integration of API3, an other oracle provider for chains where Chainlink is not present or for price feed they do not support, has been finalized. It now needs to be fully tested.
  • We have finished the peer-review of the liquidity provider vault, which allows anyone to become a liquidity provider.
  • We have finished reviewing the Printer and its modules for Polygon, as well as adding some additional testing; this was required to execute the proposal p65.
📱 Apps
Liquidity app
We have finalized the initial version of the dashboard for liquidity providers. Only small adjustments remain before we officially go into production with it. 
Onboarding app
We have adjusted our burner wallet for the mexican audience (jMXN and MXN replace jEUR and EUR, and the application is now in spanish. It can be tested at
🗳️ Governance
No new discussion or proposal.
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