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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #35

Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #35
  • First buy-back of JRT using the yield on Aave
  • Launch of jGOLD on Polygon
  • New yield farming program launched on Polygon
  • 75% of the liquidity has now migrated on the v2 on Polygon.
  • Jarvis Network has now its Lens profile.

📰 Quick news
First buy-back of JRT
With the recent deployment of the v2.1 of Synthereum, liquidity providers earn trading fees and yield on collateral. The latter is paid in both USDC and JRT bought back from the market.
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊

It was, indeed, the very first buy back of $JRT using the yield on the collateral!

In Synthereum v2, the collateral is deposited straight into @AaveAave.

LPs receive:
* 40% of the interests in USDC
* 60% of the interests in $JRT (bought back)
Deployment of jGOLD on Polygon
Using Swiss post office with jCHF
Thanks to Mt Pelerin, it is now possible for users to purchase jCHF (as well as many other crypto-currencies) using CHF in their local post office!
Synthereum Money Printer
Learn more about the Money Printer’s modules, which allows to perform flash loans as well as to seed liquidity of money markets.
The Synthereum Money Printer use case | by Pascal Tallarida | Jarvis Network | Jul, 2022 | Medium
The new yield farming program are live on Polygon!
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
🧑‍🌾Farmers, we just have launched our new program on @0xPolygon.

Participants in this program will receive JRT-SEP22, JRT-ANGLE-SEP22, and JRT-MIMO-SEP22 tokens.

The program ends at the block: 33200000


Following the launch of these new programs, our partner Beefy updated their vaults.
So I hear you like synthetic fiat currencies.
We got synthetic fiat currencies vaults.
@jarvis_network synthetic fiat currencies vaults.
We got a bunch of synthetic fiat currencies vaults.
Synthetic fiat currencies vaults, right here 👇
DeFi Basket adds support for Mt Pelerin
This new integration allows DeFi Basket users to purchase jFIATs directly within their application, and access on-chain liquidity or yield in one transaction!
Mt Pelerin
Our on/off ramp is now live on @DeFiBasketLabs!

💡 The platform lets you invest with a single transaction in multi-token, multi-protocol strategies that you create or copy from others.

👉 Check it out on:
Transcript of the AMA with Midas Capital
Midas Capital
We recently sat down with @Jarvis_Network for an interactive AMA with the community members.

The topics of discussion were the Jarvis jFIAT pool, the ERC-4626 standard, and upcoming features for users and allies.

Here are the AMA highlights👇
Jarvis Network on Lens Protocol!
🧪 Synthereum
Data on Polygon
  • TVL: $7,251,927.23 ($7,284,650.06)
  • Market Cap: $6,442,519 ($6,344,240)
  • Volume: $210,516,346 ($199,292,655)
  • Swaps: 67,312 (63,992)
  • Users: 10,917 (10,869
The current data does not fully take into account all the on-chain data related to the v2, like volume for example.
Data on BNB Chain
  • TVL: $622,476.89 ($495,304.41
  • Market Cap: $449,271 ($286,045.90)
  • Volume: $6,141,282.91 ($5,163,216.29)
  • Swaps: 1,518 (1,353)
  • Users: 315 (296)
More data on our BNB Dune Analytics dashboard
  • Most of the liquidity was migrated from the v1 to the v2.1 on Polygon.
  • We kept working on the new token economics model, especially the way it will work with the Synthereum v2.2’s public pools.
  • We deployed jGOLD on Polygon.
📱 Apps
Liquidity app
We have completed a big portion of the Synthereum v2.1 LP dashboard which would allow liquidity providers to manage their positions.
🗳️ Governance
  • p25: with the launch of the v2.1 and its multi-LP system, we re-open the conversation about the DAO becoming a liquidity provider for the protocol.
  • p62: with the launch of jGOLD, a new category of synthetic assets have been launched; jGOLD is tracking the price of XAUUSD, and therefore cannot be called a jFIAT (that track the price of fiat currencies); this discussion is about how we should name jGOLD and other synthetic assets tracking the price of commodity, as well as finding a more general term for Jarvis synthetic assets.
  • p61: the governance approved the launch of Jarvis DAO TV, a Twitch channel to broadcast educational content related to Jarvis Network.
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