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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network πŸ§ͺ - Issue #32

Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network πŸ§ͺ - Issue #32
  • Suarmi launches a fiat on and off-ramp for jMXN
  • First transfer between Europe and Mexico
  • Audit of Synthereum v2 completed
  • Money Printer v2 for BNB Chain completed
  • $1M in the 2brl pool
  • 2jpy pool boosted on Beefy!

πŸ“° Quick news
Suarmi launched a fiat on and off-ramp for jMXN!
Suarmi launches the first jMXN fiat on and off-ramp in Mexico! | by Pascal Tallarida | Jarvis Network | Jun, 2022 | Medium
And, within the same week, someone transferred 45 Euros from Europe to Mexico, using Mt Pelerin as an on-ramp, and Suarmi as an off-ramp.
Despite Suarmi 0.65% fee, the transaction happened to be cheaper and faster than using Wise.
Jarvis Network πŸ§ͺπŸ¦‡πŸ”Š
🫲 On my left @Wise, the world champion

🫱 On my right, the challenger, @mtpelerin x @Jarvis_Network x @0xsuarmi

πŸ₯ŠFirst round: sending 45 euros

943.13 $MXN vs 962.34 $MXN

Victory: the challenger, Mt Pelerin x Jarvis x Suarmi!

The future of #remittance is on-chain!

The arrival of EUROC, by Circle
Last week, Circle, the issuer of USDC, launched EUROC, a Euro stablecoin. This announcement led to a lot of questions about the impact such a new product will have on Jarvis and its jEUR.
You can read the following thread which explores the differences between jEUR and EUROC and the synergies that could be envisionned.
$1M of liquidity in the 2brl pool!
Jarvis Network πŸ§ͺπŸ¦‡πŸ”Š

The #2brl pool on @Ellipsisfi reached a new milestone: $1M of deposited liquidity.

Thank you to @DotDotDotFi bribes!

#BNB #bnbrenaissance #BNBChain
This new milestone is entirely due to our bribing strategy on DotDot. Every week, the community mutli-sig and Jarvis LTD are depositing $2k of jBRL to attract votes.
The community multi-sig also owns vlDDD for voting for the 2brl pool and earning bribes.
The 2brl pool is always in the top5 most bribed pool.
Dot Dot Finance
It's that day of the week againπŸ‘€

Let's have a look at our Top Bribers so farπŸͺ™πŸͺ™:

1. @ValasFinance
2. @Jarvis_Network @Jarvis_BRL
3. @zodiacs_c
4. @Ellipsisfi
5. @QiDaoProtocol

Vote for your favorite pool(s) πŸ—³οΈto get part of the bribes!

#BNB #bnbrenaissance #BNBChain
To celebrate this success, the DotDot team wrote a piece about Jarvis and the 2brl pool.
Dot Dot Finance
Let's dive into another Pool Spotlight article!πŸ”΅πŸŸ£

The 2brl pool @Jarvis_BRL makes use of @Jarvis_Network ’s jFIAT version of the Brazilian Real: jBRL πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

Let us know which Pool should be nextπŸ‘‡
Another company using jEUR and Mt Pelerin
@pscltllrd @Jarvis_Network We as a company exchange crypto payments to jEUR and cashout via @mtpelerin. I'd say EU companies can make good use of euro stables
APWine community call!
We had the pleasure to participate to the APWine community call to introduce Jarvis and its pools on Curve to their community.
APWine (πŸ‡,🍷)
@Jarvis_Network @AngleProtocol @indexcoop The call agenda is here 🍷

πŸ‡ Growth & Progress
πŸ‡ ETHAmsterdam Winners
πŸ‡ HackMoney Winners
πŸ‡ Dev Roadmap
πŸ‡ Governance & Winelistings
πŸ‡ @AngleProtocol x @pablo_veyrat
πŸ‡ @Jarvis_Network x @pscltllrd
πŸ‡ @indexcoop x @Mringz
πŸ‡ Q&A x @smokatokey
Run a company on the Blockchain
Jarvis Network πŸ§ͺπŸ¦‡πŸ”Š
In πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ Switzerland, one can run a company without bank account or fiat, using @Jarvis_Network x @mtpelerin for example.

β—½Create your company with crypto as capital

β—½Pay all your fiat expenses using jCHF

Bonus: you can also tokenize your shares with Mt Pelerin.
Beefy boost on the 2jpy pool
The Jarvis community-owned multi-sig received a 30k USDC grant from JPYC to bootstrap the liquidity of their new JPYC token on Polygon.
A first part of this grant (10k USDC) has been used to purchase jJPY and use them to boost the 2jpy pool on Beefy.
Beefy 🀝 Jarvis

We are boosting the $jJPY - $JPYC Vault πŸ§‘β€πŸš€

Boost your deposit and earn extra $jJPY tokens. Rewards will start accruing in a few hours. ⏰
Deposit and pre-stake:

This boost was brought to you by @jarvis_network. 🏦
πŸ§ͺ Synthereum
Data on Polygon
  • TVL: $7,336,484.22 ($7,433,161.82)
  • Market Cap: $6,403,538 ($8,193,608.57)
  • Volume: $190,543,304 ($180,543,575)
  • Swaps: 59,312 (55,723)
  • Users: 10,716 (10,572)
Data on BNB Chain
  • TVL: $764,154.24
  • Market Cap: $519,365.11
  • Volume: $3,677,341.03
  • Swaps: 1,157
  • Users: 274
More data on ourΒ BNB Dune Analytics dashboard
  • The audit of Synthereum v2 has been completed by Zellic. 4 issues have been found and are currently being addressed. No critical vulnerability has been found.
  • We completed all the tests of the Money Printer module for BNB Chain, in order to deploy uncollateralized jBRL for an upcoming money market.
  • We completed the refactoring of the Fixed Rate contracts in order to be compatible with the new version of the protocol and launched a new cXOF token on Polygon.
πŸ“± Apps
Jarvis Money
We improved a few things in terms of UIX to prepare the wallet for ETHcc.
πŸ—³οΈ Governance
  • p61: a new discussion initialized by ZedaarZee aims at financing a community-powered education content repository (tweets, articles, videos) to help people understand Jarvis and its ecosystem better.
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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network πŸ§ͺ

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