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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #31
  • Start of the Synthereum v2 audit!
  • R&D for the new token and tokeneconomics.
  • MetaShop, built on the top of jEUR
  • New Harvest 2nzd vault integrated into DeFi Basket

📰 Quick news
Shop with jEUR!
MetaShop is the latest addition to our ecosystem, and also one of the most strategic.
It leverages Request, Mt Pelerin and Paraswap to allows anyone to purchase goods and services from MetaMask.
For now, and for testing purpose, only some Merch can be purchased.
🎉It's alive ! The first MetaShop is finally out ! You can now buy your products with your cryptos directly from your Metamask wallet !
🚀On @0xPolygon chain and build on top of @Jarvis_Network @RequestNetwork @mtpelerin @paraswap
🌏 https://t.co/LlsYMVBf7x
Monthly report for our fiat on and off-ramp
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
📢Last month, $2.5M of jFIAT have been on and off-ramped through @mtpelerin!

A decent cashing-out activity from 🇸🇪Sweden!

Some facts:
▫️ Mt Pelerin facilitated nearly $20M of transactions involving jFIATs.
▫️ A lot of off-ramps last month, almost the same volume as on-ramps. https://t.co/5AMe1Nvpg6 https://t.co/RuxTTW4TEB
Harvest launches its new 2nzd vault
Harvest Finance
GN Kiwis 🥝🇳🇿

$jNZD hodl vault has arrived.

Brought to you by @Jarvis_Network & @CurveFinance.

Deposit & Earn: https://t.co/y4vV3uaIrI https://t.co/65kIKiJ0K6
And it is already on DeFi Basket!
DeFi Basket
🇳🇿 New asset alert 🇳🇿

$jNZD + $NZDS LP paying great APY. https://t.co/hbpAyzilaO
First tests with XCHF from Bitcoin Suisse
For testing purposes, we have bridged the fiat-backed CHF stablecoin of Bitcoin Suisse onto Polygon. We also had a conversation with Bitcoin Suisse to understand XCHF better.
The 4eur pool retrieved its balance.
Jarvis Network 🧪🦇🔊
❤️‍🩹Nature has healed on the #4eur pool.

Congratulations to all the arbitrageurs!

The new 2jpy pool remains to be rebalanced (currently 30/70) ➡️ remember that @mtpelerin has an on-ramp for $jJPY, and then you can load your @jpy_coin Visa card with the $JPYC you could buy. https://t.co/iYYqOVjp7w
4M BRL and ~1M USD in the 4brl pool!
Demoing Jarvis x Verso in Paris!
The 9th of June, Vida, Verso’s CTO will showcase how to use Jarvis ecosystem within the Verso Wallet, on Polygon.
Demoing Jarvis x Verso in Paris!
Verso Wallet
Retrouvez ce 9 juin notre CTO @vidal007 pour une démo live "Placer ses 1000 premiers #jEUR dans la #DeFi avec le #wallet Verso"

Inscription au séminaire @AristoteAsso "DeFi, la finance réinventée" 👉 https://t.co/5M5x0RdJS7

Like ou RT pour être notifié du lien du #replay https://t.co/4qwFv0R0JJ
🧪 Synthereum
  • TVL: $7,433,161.82 ($6,700,644.93)
  • Market Cap: $8,193,608.57 ($7,447,041)
  • Volume: $180,543,575 ($174,855,206)
  • Swaps: 55,723 (53,749)
  • Users: 10,572 (10,458)
BNB Chain
Dune analytics is experiencing some issues on BNB Chain.
More data on our BNB Dune Analytics dashboard
  • The audit of the Synthereum v2 has started!
  • Adjustments and gas optimizations were done to the PriceFeed contract.
  • R&D for the new tokenomics.
  • Migration and switch modules functions were completed, allowing to seamlessly move collateral between the v1 and the v2.
📱 Apps
Jarvis SDK
We resolved the issues we had with the BigNumber library.
Jarvis Exchange
Jarvis SDK has been integrated into Jarvis Exchange. It is expected to also work with the Synthereum v2 protocol.
Jarvis Finance
We did some adjustments to the Borrowing page design.
🗳️ Governance
No new discussion or proposal.
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