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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #30
  • Code to onboard new collateral type is completed.
  • Curve Forex Decentralized Exchange is completed.
  • Launch of a new 4eur and 2eur liquidity mining program.
  • Launch of jMXN, jPLN and jKRW on Polygon.
  • The governance decided to join Penrose.

📰 Quick news
Curve FX DEX
The Curve Forex Decentralized Exchange is a new DEX powered by Curve and Synthereum. This DEX allows to swap any stablecoin for any other stablecoin, provided that they both have a pool on Curve with USDC or with any jFIATs.
This enhance the liquidity of the various stablecoins on Polygon.
Jarvis Network 🧪

On-chain Forex Exchange powered by our liquidity infrastructure on @CurveFinance.

1⃣ EURS -> jEUR on Curve
2⃣ jEUR -> USDC on Jarvis Exchange
3⃣ USDC -> MAI on Curve

The tx: https://t.co/pPYZNq3vLa

💪Synthereum is the glue settling Forex swaps.

#deforex https://t.co/2RaTxgQUrG
Example here with PAR from Mimo Capital.
Jarvis Network 🧪
On-chain Forex Exchange powered by our liquidity infrastructure on @CurveFinance makes $PAR from
@mimodefi more liquid. https://t.co/FXFNEwSSlz
Launch of 3 new jFIATs
Jarvis Network 🧪
https://t.co/949kA7oo2s welcomes 3 more assets on @0xPolygon

🇲🇽 $jMXN - Mexican Peso stablecoin
🇵🇱 $jPLN - Polish Zloty stablecoin
🇰🇷 $jKRW - South Korean Won stablecoin

These stablecoins are:
🛡️over-collateralized with $USDC
💪as liquid as USDC
⚖️keeping their peg
4eur and 2eur program are now live on Polygon!
High yield on the 2brl after bribing
As a result of last week bribes, vlDDD holders voted for the 2brl pool, boosting the number of EPX it receives, and therefore its APR.
Jarvis Network 🧪
🚜Thanks to last week's bribes, the yield for our Brazilian Real stablecoin pool (with $jBRL + $BRZ from @BrzToken) have increased!

The #2brl pool on @Ellipsisfi generates 62.87% APR without boost.

And 119% on @DotDotDotFi, the yield optimizer built on the top of Ellipsis. https://t.co/7sn24jaKHn
In fact, the 2brl pool was the second most bribed last week!
Dot Dot Finance
It's that time of the week again!

Find our top 5 Bribed pools so far, 36 hours before the end of votes👀

1. @ValasFinance
2. @Jarvis_Network @Jarvis_BRL
3. @Ellipsisfi
4. @zodiacs_c
5. @TopShelfFinance

#BNBRenaissance #BNB #BNBChain https://t.co/DTq5SvPiWp
🧪 Synthereum
  • TVL: $7,433,161.82 ($6,700,644.93)
  • Market Cap: $6,732,845 ($5,862,788)
  • Volume: $174,855,206 ($165,994,397)
  • Swaps: 53,749 (50,988)
  • Users: 10,458 (10,316)
BNB Chain
Dune analytics is experiencing some delays and other issues to fetch data, so some data are wrongly reported on our dashboard.
  • TVL: $– ($415,480.26)
  • Market Cap: $– ($236,010.24)
  • Volume: $1,478,696.39 ($1,323,308.50)
  • Swaps: 735 (700)
  • Users: 215 (203)
More data on our BNB Dune Analytics dashboard
  • We completed the ChainlinkPriceFeed refactoring to support other types of collateral like ETH, to deploy jFIATs independent from USDC, like jUSD for example. We are currently running some tests together with doing an internal review of the code.
  • We completed the migrate function and started running tests for it; this function allows us to migrate liquidity from the v1 to the v2.
  • We have deployed 4 new jFIATs on Polygon.
📱 Apps
Jarvis SDK
  • We finally managed to finalize the core-sdk.
  • We have added the connection flow in the toolkit package.
  • We started also adding the Account modal with balances and recent activity information.
Jarvis Exchange
  • We have integrated Jarvis SDK within Jarvis Exchange v2.
  • We have refactored most of the logic to support interactions with Synthereum v2. There is a bit more work left there.
  • We added the support of the newly launch jFIATs on Polygon.
  • We have updated our subgraph in order that all our tokens have a chart in the UI (only jBRL does not have a chart yet).
Jarvis Finance
  • We have completed a rough skeleton of the initial borrowing page. As soon as it is completed, we will have completed 90% of the application in terms of UI so the only thing left would be to start hooking up the logic to it.
🗳️ Governance
  • p57: we started discussing the bribing strategy on BNB Chain regarding the 2brl pool.
  • p46: the governance approved the launch of a new farming program for jEUR and jCHF, paired with WETH on Polygon. This is done to increase the trading volume of these jFIATs.
  • p56: the governance approved the lock of our veDYST token into Penrose.
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