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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #27
  • Synthereum v2 code is almost ready for audit!
  • Deployment on Avalanche and Gnosis Chain.
  • 3 new pools on Curve have been deployed.
  • 10k unique users on Polygon.
  • Teasing about a “Curve FX” powered by Synthereum.
  • The governance rejected the renewal of the Forex Farming program.

📰 Quick news
Full deployment on Avalanche and Gnosis Chain!
Jarvis Exchange, Synthereum and our fiat on and off-ramp are all up and running on two new networks: Avalanche and Gnosis Chain!
Jarvis Exchange, jEUR, jCHF, and Mt Pelerin’s 0-fee and 0-KYC fiat on and off-ramp are now live on Gnosis Chain and Avalanche! | by Pascal Tallarida | Jarvis Network | Apr, 2022 | Medium
3 new pools on Curve
Following our deployment on Avalanche, we have deployed two new 2eur pools: one with EEUR from eMoney and one with agEUR from Angle.
These pools would allow for increasing EEUR and agEUR on-chain liquidity on Avalanche, as well as allowing yield.
We also have deployed the 2nzd pool, with the NZDS, a fiat-backed stablecoin issued by Techemynt.
We are in close discussion with their team for about a month now.
Curve FX, powered by Synthereum
We have released two more teasing for our upcoming new application: a on-chain Forex exchange for non-Jarvis stablecoins, leveraging Synthereum and Curve deep on-chain liquidity.
A new article about our DeFi Basket integration
We have published an article for helping people who are not on Twitter to find out more about our latest integration.
DeFi Basket eases the utilization of jFIATs to access yield and liquidity, by allowing to build a portfolio in one transaction! | by Pascal Tallarida | Jarvis Network | Apr, 2022 | Medium
New milestones!
Last week, we reached a few new milestones!
First, we crosses the 10k unique addresses one on Polygon…
Jarvis Network 🧪
1️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ unique users have interacted with our protocol (mint/burn).

While 17k addresses have held jFIATs. https://t.co/YaGDZzLyns
Then, still on Polygon, we overpassed the $100M bar for secondary market volume.
Jarvis Network 🧪

We just over-passed the $100M milestone of swaps on secondary markets for our jFIATs om @0xPolygon.

Altogether (secondary and primary), a quarter of a billions dollars have been exchanged since last October. https://t.co/M03UbqsIn6
Finally, on the BNB Chain, we finally made it to the first million dollar of volume on the primary market!
Jarvis Network 🧪
💥 $1M of volume on our primary market on the @BNBCHAIN! Mainly in $jBRL. https://t.co/F3i3K9Ujyf
2sgd imbalanced!
An address sold large quantity of XSGD on various venues such as Uniswap v3 and Curve (in our pool), causing the prix of XSGD to lose its peg and all the pools with XSGD on Polygon and Ethereum are now suffering from a big imbalance.
Jarvis Network 🧪
👀Someone massively sold $XSGD from @xfers, creating imbalances in the #2sgd pool and on @Uniswap and @DFXFinance pool on @0xPolygon.

Reminder: @mtpelerin has a 0-fee fiat on-ramp for $jSGD. This would allow arbitrage using Mt Pelerin as an on-ramp and XFers as an off-ramp.
🧪 Synthereum
  • TVL: $8,588,701.67 ($9,004,284.83)
  • Market Cap: $7,091,971 ($7,502,761)
  • Volume: $149,543,568 ($146,296,429)
  • Swaps: 44,546 (43,592)
  • Users: 10,140 (10,091)
BNB Chain
  • TVL: $413,975.03 ($398,073.83)
  • Market Cap: $253,659.39 ($242,141.71)
  • Volume: $1,131,465.54 ($1,020,948.91)
  • Swaps: 638 (620)
  • Users: 193 (188)
More data on our BNB Dune Analytics dashboard
  • We have finished refactoring the tests to fit the fixes done for the MultiLP system and now we are rebasing the code to get it ready for the audit.
  • We have completed the Aave and Market.xyz modules for the Jarvis Printer. Now some tests have to be done.
📱 Apps
Jarvis Apps SDK
  • We continued working on the Core SDK, a toolkit of functionalities that we’ll publish as a package and will be used across all applications we build. It is composed of mainly general functionalities which each of our applications has and does not require changes, like the logic to connect with various wallets, to retrieve balances, check allowance, etc. and also retrieving prices from our PriceFeed contract.
  • A lot of the work is about setting up a cleaner base for the applications that will interact with Synthereum v2. A lot of unnecessary code has been removed. So far, we succeeded to load the balances and prices almost instantly.
  • We also have been working on some elements of the UI package. 
🗳️ Governance
  • p55: a community member requested that we discuss a new strategy for our UMA holdings.
  • p50: the governance approved the new multi-sig signers.
  • p53: the governance rejected the renewal of the Forex Farming program on KyberSwap.
  • p54: the governance approved the minting of new uncollateralized jSGD to deposit them into the pool 7 of Market.
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