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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #26

Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #26
  • jNZD, our New-Zealand Dollar stablecoin is live on Polygon!
  • jFIATs and Synthereum natively integrated in DeFi Basket
  • 95% of the unit testing of Synthereum v2 are completed
  • Solidity part of the MoneyMarketManager is completed.

📰 Quick news
jNZD is live on Polygon!
We have deployed a new jFIAT on our main network: jNZD is the most liquid New-Zealand Dollar stablecoin on the Blockchain!
jNZD is quite special for us since we have deployed it after it has been requested by a New-Zealand company working deeply toward crypto adoption there.
Jarvis Network 🧪
🥝 A new jFIAT has been deployed added to on @0xPolygon.

🇳🇿Welcome $jNZD, our New-Zealand Dollar stablecoin.

jNZD is:
▫️ over-collateralized with $USDC
▫️ convertible without price impact for any jFIAT and for USDC
▫️ as liquid as USDC
Integration within DeFi Basket
jFIATs and Synthereum are now natively integrated within DeFi Basket, a portfolio builder.
DeFi Basket
1/ tl;dr

You can use @Jarvis_Network and @harvest_finance vaults to build a diversified stablecoins portfolio in @DeFiBasketLabs.

With one simple transaction you can implement a low volatility strategy that provides 20%+ APY.

More info below!
DeFi Basket allows anyone to build a crypto portfolio of crypto-assets, including yield-bearing assets, in one transaction.
pascal0x 🧪
Thanks to @mtpelerin x @Jarvis_Network, we all can go from bank to DeFi easily. You swap your Euro for jEUR, and voilà.

Now, we can go from bank to a portfolio, or to yield with the same ease thanks to @DeFiBasketLabs.

Our friends at Harvest Finance hosted a Twitter space last week to present DeFi Basket to their community since they also have integrated Harvest vaults. It means users can go from jEUR to the 4eur in Harvest in a single transaction.
You can listen the replay here:
First steps within the Avalanche Twitter community
Together with our friends at and Mt Pelerin, we have participated in a Twitter Space, organized by “Science & GameFi”, to present Jarvis and our stablecoins to an audience mainly active on Avalanche.
🔺Science & GameFi 🎮
This Crispy Tuesday was a litle less sexy in appearence, but you should definitely give it a listen.

I will make a thread on ALL projects with everything I learned so far, lots of alphas coming !
End of the Aureus program
Our liquidity mining program on KyberSwap has ended, and farmers who kept their AUR tokens can no claim the underlying JRT and UMA rewards.
Jarvis Network 🧪
👨‍🌾 The AUR program on @KyberSwap has ended.

You can now withdraw your AUR-USDC and claim your underlying $JRT and $UMA by burning the AUR-APR22 token on

🗣️ The governance is discussing whether we should keep going with this program or replace it.
🧪 Synthereum
  • TVL: $9,004,284.83 ($8,323,388.04)
  • Market Cap: $7,502,761 ($7,005,415)
  • Volume: $146,296,429 ($141,029,790)
  • Swaps: 43,592 (42,078)
  • Users: 10,091 (9,946)
BNB Chain
  • TVL: $413,975.03 ($398,073.83)
  • Market Cap: $242,141.71 ($244,226.03)
  • Volume: $1,020,948.91 ($739,683.26)
  • Swaps: 620 (562)
  • Users: 188 (169)
More data on our BNB Dune Analytics dashboard
  • We have finished all necessary fixes on the MultiLP system found after our tests, and 95% of the tests have been completed.
  • We have completed the Solidity part for the MoneyMarketManager contract, which will allow to trustlessly mint uncollateralized jFIATs and deposit (or withdraw and burn them) on money markets, starting with Aave v3. This is an enhancement of the way it is done currently (the governance multi-sig can mint, and then has to deposit manually into Aave).
📱 Apps
Jarvis Exchange
  • We have been focusing on a lot of cleaning up in the Jarvis Exchange logic to set up everything for the V2.
  • We have been working on setting up a Core SDK with logic that can be reused across any applications that we are building.
Jarvis Finance
We have added a few of the required components in our UI package like all the icons we need while also making them dynamic when it comes to colors and sizing.
🗳️ Governance
  • p53: this discussion is about the renewal of the Forex Farming programs; so far, the programs on Curve have brought more utility than the programs on Kyber, so the governance is discussing whether or not to maintain them.
  • p54: this new discussion is about minting more uncollateralized jSGD; since more jSGD has been minted from the pool with the launch of the 2sgd pool, we can mint more uncollateralized jSGD while remaining below the 30% threshold set by a previous proposal.
No new proposal for this week
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