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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #21

Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #21
  • Primary version of the v2 code is being tested
  • launch of jSDR
  • ajEUR is live on Polygon!
  • Wallet Connect issues fixed for the DEX
  • Launch of the 2sgd pool!
  • New fiat on and off-ramp routes!

📰 Quick news
Launch of jSDR
With the launch of the jCNY, our synthetic Chinese Yuan, we were able to launch our first index of currencies, the Jarvis Special Drawing Rights (jSDR), which is made of USDC, jEUR, jCNY, jJPY and jGBP.
Jarvis Network 🧪
💥Launch of the $jSDR, our first basket of currencies on @BalancerLabs on @0xPolygon!

jSDR is comprised of:
🇺🇸 41.73% of $USDC
🇪🇺 30.93% of $jEUR
🇨🇳 10.92% of $jCNY
🇯🇵 8.33% of $jJPY
🇬🇧 8.09% of $jGBP
$20M of Paraswap
We are glad to have reached a new milestone on Paraswap! $20M of swaps have had happened on the leading DEX aggregator, showing a strong PMF combined with Mt Pelerin.
Jarvis Network 🧪
$20M of volume on @paraswap!

@mtpelerin + @paraswap + @Jarvis_Network = non-custodial crypto-fiat liquidity infrastructure for DEX, CEX, wallets, brokers, OTC desk, etc.
ajEUR is live!
The jEUR was officially launched on Aave on Polygon! Around 26k jEUR were deposited and about half of it has been borrowed. A vote has approved the deposit of 680k jEUR by the treasury, utilizing our new jFIAT printer contract!
JRT-MAY22 program is live on Polygon!
3 new farms are live on Polygon, featuring a new reward token: the JRT-MAY22.
We stopped using a confusing naming system to have a clearer one. JRT-MAY22 is a JRT Futures contract with an expiry in May 2022, and collateralized with $158k JRT at the time of the deployment.
Jarvis Network 🧪
📢The new JRT-MAY22 program is live!

It consists in providing liquidity on @CurveFinance's #2cad #2jpy and #sgd pools!

LPs receive JRT-MAY22, a Future contract backed by 3.9M $JRT that expires in 60 days.


Launch of new fiat on and off-ramp!
Last week, Mt Pelerin inaugurates new fiat on and off-ramp routes: users can now buy jSEK, jAUD, jJPY and jZAR with their respective currencies, with no fee (but the SWIFT fees).
Jarvis Network 🧪
📢 New 1:1 fiat on and off-ramp @mtpelerin

You can now buy and sell these stablecoins, without fee, without KYC (under 1k CHF per day):

🇸🇪 Swedish Krona $jSEK

🇯🇵 Japanese Yen $jJPY

🇦🇺 Australian Dollar $jAUD

🇿🇦 South-African Rand $jZAR
2sgd on Beefy!
Our partner Beefy launched a new vault, the moo2sgd! And renewed the moo2cad and moo2jpy one.
Beefy Finance
Beefy brings you the easiest way to earn more #stablecoins on @0xPolygon with the @Jarvis_Network Synthetic Singapore Dollar.

💸 $jSGD - $XSGD LP: 233% APY
Beefy Finance
Beefy’s upgraded #Curve @Jarvis_Network vaults will have your Canadian Dollar & Japanese Yen #StableCoins earning more.

💴 $jJPY - $JPYC LP: 39% APY

🇨🇦 $jCAD - $CADC LP: 32% APY


@0xPolygon #Polygon @jpy_coin @CurveFinance @PayTrie
🧪 Synthereum
  • TVL: $8,392,063.04 ($8,640,322.12)
  • Market Cap: $7,087,196 ($7,312,931)
  • Volume: $124,360,072 ($119,873,070)
  • Swaps: 37,713 (36,401)
  • Users: 9,667 (9,568)
More data on our Dune Analytics dashboard
  • We have finished the primary work on the new protocol and are now working on the tests.
  • We also worked on minor fixes and improvements proposed during our peer review of the Lending module.
  • We added a batch option for the commission collection.
  • We created a module for Balancer for the buying back of JRT.
📱 Apps
Jarvis Exchange
  • We addressed all the issues we previously had! Now the DEX can be launched on Trust Wallet, do not have Wallet Connect connection issue and is faster to load.
  • We completed the integration of Gnosis Chain and Avalanche.
🗳️ Governance
  • p50: a new discussion is being held to change the signers of the multi-sig.
  • p37: the governance approved the budget for the financing of the 0-fee fiat on and off-ramp.
  • p47: the governance approved the launch of our first liquidity mining program on the BNB Chain, with pools: the 2brl on Ellipsis and the JRT-BNB on Pancakeswap.
  • p48: the governance approved the launch of the JRT-MAY22 tokens, collateralized with $158k of JRT, rewarding the 2cad, 2jpy, and newly launched 2sgd pools.
  • p49-1: the governance approved the launch of the jFIAT printer smartcontract, to mint uncollateralized jFIAT in order to deposit them within money markets.
  • p49-2: there was no majority for the vote regarding the parameters of the jFIAT printer limits for the Jarvis Forex money market on Market. A new vote will need to be done.
  • p49-3: the governance approved the minting of 680k jEUR to deposit them on the Aave money market.
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