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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #20

Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #20
  • Launch of a Brazilian community!
  • New cross-border payment between Brazil and France…
  • jEUR on Gnosis Chain!
  • Integration of jEUR within Request Finance.
  • First gift card purchased with jEUR.
  • The Lending and the Buyback modules for the v2 have been completed.
  • A new important discussion about printing jFIAT for supplying liquidity on money markets.

📰 Quick news
Renewal of the 2jpy program
The 2jpy program, which ended the week before, will be renewed at the same time as the new 2cad program on Polygon.
This will allow the 2 programs to have the same reward token, simplifying the user experience.
Jarvis Network 🧪
The governance voted: the #2jpy program will be renewed in 8 days, together with the new #2cad program.


There won't be yield for the next 8 days.
A new CVX purchase
The recent drop of the price of CVX, due to the unlock, allowed the treasury to purchase another $20k of CVX at a way lower price than the weeks before.
The treasury now holds 7.2k CVX, locked as vlCVX. The treasury finally received ~$2.4k of bribes last week, in ANGLE tokens, after a quick community poll.
Jarvis Network 🧪
Jarvis' treasury bought the $CVX dip. And locked them into $vlCVX.
Launch of a Brazilian community
Romeu, a Brazilian community member, launched a Telegram and a Twitter page dedicated to the jBRL, our synthetic Brazilian Real.
Remittance corridor between Brazil and France
Jarvis helped processed a cross-border payment between Brazil and France, 3.44% cheaper than Wise!
Jarvis Network 🧪
🎉The first cross-border payment between 🇧🇷Brazil and 🇫🇷France on the @BNBCHAIN was processed!

300 BRL were sent➡️54.28 EUR were received.

🏆3.44% better than @transferwise!

It involved @oficialalter, @BrzToken, @Ellipsisfi, and @mtpelerin (and @Jarvis_Network).

jEUR was deployed on Gnosis Chain
Chainlink recently added the support for a EURUSD price feed on Gnosis Chain, allowing us to launch jEUR there.
Launch of the first synthetic Chinese Yuan
We deployed jCNY on Polygon, our 17th synthetic fiat currency! jCNY will allow new use cases like launching the jSDR or low-inflation currencies baskets.
Jarvis Network 🧪
🇨🇳 $jCNY has been added to on @0xPolygon!

CNYUSD has been in an uptrend for a while now.
Request and Jarvis team-up!
Last week, we officialized am integration that took place a few weeks ago! We have been speaking with the Request’s team for about a year now, and it finally became a reality: organizations and freelancers can now create or send invoices in jEUR!
Jarvis Network 🧪
📢We are super excited to partner with @RequestFinance to increase the utility of the $jEUR!

Individuals and organizations can now easily get paid and pay in jEUR, a liquid multi-chain Euro stablecoin, with a 1:1 fiat on and off-ramp!

Buying gift card with jEUR
This integration allowed a new powerful use case: purchasing real goods and services with jEUR.
Last week, a 20 euros gift card was bought with jEUR!
This has been done on a closed-beta marketplace product, that will be soon open to the public.
Jarvis Network 🧪
And... 👀

The first gift card of 20 euros was bought using @RequestFinance and $jEUR...

More than 70k jEUR have already been paid using Request since the beginning of the month!
+$110k of on-chain payment!
We have updated our Dune Analytics dashboard to track the usage of our jFIAT across the payment protocols they are integrated with, like Superfluid and now Request. So far, $112k of jFIATs have been used for payments on these two protocols on Polygon.
Jarvis Network 🧪
Are stablecoins only used for farming?

No, anon...

👀Already +$100k of jFIATs have been utilized within "payment protocols" such as @Superfluid_HQ and @RequestNetwork on @0xPolygon.

This is without counting all the payments done through @mtpelerin by companies and freelancers.
Launch of a few new liquidity pools
jJPY, jCNY, jAUD, jSEK and jSGD were paired with USDC on several new pools on Uniswap v3, on Polygon.
These pools will allow to have a price feed on Coingecko for these stablecoins, and will eventually be used for future farming programs.
Jarvis Network 🧪



@Uniswap on @0xPolygon

Friendly reminder: swaps happen at the #Chainlink price feed on
Beat the inflation with tokenbrice
Jarvis farms were featured in the last tokenbrice’s piece.
How to beat/hedge a 7.5% yearly #inflation rate on USD with #DeFi?

1. Brute force: >30-40% yield on USD stables
2. Hedging: 20-40% yield on hedged stable LP positions like $jCHF / $USDC

Want more strategies explained in detail?
Check the guide here👉
🧪 Synthereum
  • TVL: $8,640,322.12 ($8,522,488.55)
  • Market Cap: $7,312,931 ($7,212,042)
  • Volume: $119,873,070 ($116,517,293)
  • Swaps: 36,401 (35,343)
  • Users: 9,568 (9,521)
More data on our Dune Analytics dashboard
  • Most of the logic on the MultiLP design has been completed and we are now working on some final improvements and adjustments before starting the tests.
  • We have completed the Lending module and we are now working on a few improvements like batching transactions to improve the UX.
  • The tests for the Lending module are nearly done. We are seeking 100% coverage.
  • The Buyback module for purchasing JRT on Balancer has also been completed.
📱 Apps
Exchange app
  • We have added jCNY to the DEX on Polygon.
  • We have been working on adding the support for Gnosis Chain and Avalanche.
Onboarding app
We have been working on porting our app on the BNB Chain. The only thing left is to add the support for trading BTC.
Borrowing app
  • We have finished the header and connection options.
  • We have also completed the whole initial page in terms of UI (just the logic is left to be done).
🗳️ Governance
  • p47: a new discussion about launching the 2brl program on the BNB Chain, together with a JRT-ETH market.
  • p48: a discussion about grouping various PLAAS programs into a single token.
  • p49: an important discussion about launching and managing a contract that can print jFIATs for supplying liquidity on a money market.
  • p45: the renewal of the 2jpy program has been approved; it will be renewed at the same time as the new 2cad program with a single reward token.
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