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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #2

Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #2
  • New ATH for Synthereum TVL, 5.6M
  • Forex yield farming on Polygon added to
  • Sushi added yield for JRT/ETH on Polygon

📰 Quick news
Thanks to the community initiative led by dydymoon, Jarvis Network partnered up with Beefy.Finance for our forex yield farming on KyberDMM.
Participants can now stake their jFIAT/USDC LP tokens in Beefy to auto-compound their AUR rewards and reinvest them into the pool.
We will also do an AMA with their community, so more people will know about our protocol and products. The AMA will take place in their main Telegram channel on the 19th of October (Tuesday) at 18:00 GMT.
🧪 Synthereum
  • jFIATs market cap: $615k
  • TVL: $823k
  • Liquidity available: $1M
  • jFIATs market cap: $4.4M
  • TVL: $4.8M
  • Liquidity available: $4.2M
With the addition of our Forex yield farming program to the, the TVL grew by 1.6M, and now stands at 5.6M!
We completed the tests for the emergency shutdown for the Synthereum version powered solely by Chainlink.
The unit testing for the self-minting contracts is still in progress.
We also refactored the atomic swap contracts (OCLR) to adapt them to the new Synthereum version.
In the meantime, we have found a dev that will create a dashboard for us to see all the necessary metrics of the protocol.
Sushi added yield farming for JRT/ETH on Polygon. Thanks to that, the JRT liquidity on Sushiswap alone rose up to $222k.
Jarvis Exchange
  • A new search bar was implemented for the V2 of Jarvis Exchange
  • We build a version of Jarvis Exchange with jBGN for the local event (more details below). You can test it here.
Bulgarian Crypto Event
Last week, we took part in a local event where we met with Bulgarian exchanges and crypto enthusiasts. We showcased how our jBGN works, and the idea behind it
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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪

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