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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #19

Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #19
  • Aave governance approved the addition of jEUR
  • Market launched a Jarvis Forex money market
  • QiDao seeded the Jarvis Forex money market with 1M MAI
  • Launch of the jBRL and the 2BRL pool on BNB Chain
  • Integration of jFIATs in Minerva Wallet
  • No-KYC and 0-fee fiat on and off-ramp via Mt Pelerin!
  • The first cross-border payment between France and Nigeria.

📰 Quick news
Launch of Jarvis Forex money market on Market
Market has deployed our isolated pools on their protocol! jFIATs can now be lent, borrowed, or used as collateral. Jarvis-related Beefy vaults like the moo2cad, moo2jpy, or mooJRT-ETH can also be used as collateral.
This enables a lot of new use cases like leverage long/short, looping (yield farming), or hedging.
Lending and borrowing jFIATs on Market | by Pascal Tallarida | Jarvis Network | Mar, 2022 | Medium
QiDao also partnered with Jarvis to provide liquidity on our money market. They have deposited 1M MAI, and already ~160k MAI has been borrowed.
QiDao provides $1M MAI of liquidity in on the Market’s Jarvis Forex pool | by Pascal Tallarida | Jarvis Network | Mar, 2022 | Medium
Minerva Wallet integration
Minerva wallet has added the support for our jFIATs on Polygon and BNB Chain. Minerva Wallet is a multi-chain wallet with a big emphasis on UIX. The support of jFIATs is the first step towards a deeper integration of the Jarvis ecosystem.
They also have added Curve, Beefy and Paraswap, so users can use their jFIATs to earn yield and trade.
Minerva Wallet | 🦉 Join our Team ✨
📢 Partnership: Jarvis Network & Minerva Wallet!

We are thrilled to announce the partnership with @Jarvis_Network supported on @0xPolygon @BNBCHAIN and #Ethereum.
💵Liquid multi-chain jFIAT stablecoins!
No-KYC + No-fee on and off-ramp
Mt Pelerin has launched a new version of their service, which introduces no-KYC under a certain threshold.
Combined with the no-fee policy for jFIATs, it enables the cheapest and smoothest way to onboard into DeFi!
Mt Pelerin
🤩 We're super excited to unveil today some major upgrades of our service!

👨‍🍳 On the menu:

🔹 Adding our on-off ramp service to your project
🔹 Buy & sell #crypto with #noKYC
🔹 Instant card purchases
🔹 New on-ramp currencies

Let's have a look!

1/5 👇👇👇
$2.35M of fiat on and off-ramp transactions
We published the result of last month transactions on Mt Pelerin: $2.35M of transactions has been processed in February, bringing the total amount to $11.5M since July last year.
Jarvis Network 🧪
📢Last month, $2.35M of jFIAT have been on and off-ramped through @mtpelerin!

Following on-chain data, most of the on-ramp was to purchase other tokens, demonstrating a powerful product-market fit for the combo Jarvis x Mt Pelerin.
Aave governance approved the support of jEUR
The Aave governance voted, and it was a plebiscite! They have approved the support for jEUR on the Aave v3 protocol on Polygon.
A last details needs to be resolved: jEUR needs a price feed to be able to be listed on Aave.
Jarvis Network 🧪
🎉She said YES.

474 participants voted with their AAVE, aAAVE, stkAAVE, and stkBPT to bring $jEUR on @AaveAave v3.

$ajEUR soon™️
Jarvis Brazilian Real - jBRL
We deployed a new jFIAT on the BNB Chain last week, the jBRL.
Together with this launch, a Brazilian community manager was hired, and the 2brl pool on Ellipsis was launched.
End of the 2jpy program
Last week, the 2jpy program ended. Participants can now unstake their LP token and redeem the underlying tokens behind the SES token.
A new program will be launched in 8 days, as per a new vote.
Jarvis Network 🧪
🇯🇵 The #2jpy yield farming program has ended.

Discussions have been held in our Discord for its renewal, and the vote will start today.

🚜2jpy yield farmers: you can now redeem the underlying $JRT and $UMA by burning your $SES-MAR22 token.
France to Nigeria cross-border payment
After the first cross-border payment between Swiss and France, Swiss and Canada and Canada and France, the Jarvis ecosystem helped process the first France to Nigeria money transfer on the BNB Chain.
Jarvis Network 🧪
🎉 Last week, the first cross-border payment between
🇫🇷 France and 🇳🇬 Nigeria on the @BNBCHAIN took place!

Someone in France sent 500 Euros to someone in Nigeria who received 270k Naira.

It involved @mtpelerin, @NGNToken, @buycoins, @Ellipsisfi and @Jarvis_Network.

Harvest launch the 2cad vault
Our partner Harvest launched a new 2cad vault!
Harvest Finance
A powerful 🇨🇦 stablecoin farming opportunity just landed on Harvest.

Put your $jCAD $CADC to work and earn high APY from auto-compounded tokens & $iFARM rewards 📈

Powered by @CurveFinance & @Jarvis_Network

Stake & earn yield
🧪 Synthereum
  • TVL: $8,522,488.55 ($8,041,553.46)
  • Market Cap: $7,212,042 ($6,838,540)
  • Volume: $116,517,293 ($112,417,963)
  • Swaps: 35,343 (34,306)
  • Users: 9,521 (9,461)
More data on our Dune Analytics dashboard
  • We kept going with our tests for the LendingModule for Aave and we applied some adjustments to our code after an internal peer-review
  • We also did nice progress on the whole codebase and worked on the final parts of the solidity code for the MultiLP pools.
📱 Apps
Borrowing app
  • We completed most of the work on the logic of the Header component such as the network switch or connect button.
  • We have worked on the UI itself for the home page.
Onboarding app
  • We have been working on fixing a few UI issues with the Polygon version.
  • We started working on a new version compatible with Synthereum v2 (for BNB Chain or Gnosis or example).
🗳️ Governance
  • p35: this discussion was relaunched; it is about moving from Kyber to Balancer for the FX farming program and adding the SDR currency (a basket of 5 currencies).
  • p45: the governance approved to renew the 2jpy program in 8 days, to match it with the beginning of the new 2cad program.
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