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Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #18

Weekly newsletter of Jarvis Network 🧪 - Issue #18
  • Solidity code for our Lending module is completed
  • Proposal to list jEUR on Aave v3
  • Deployment of Synthereum on Avalanche
  • Fiat on and off-ramp on the BNB Chain
  • Launch of new jFIATs: jZAR and cXOF
  • New jEUR cross-chain path toward BNB Chain

📰 Quick news
Proposal to list jEUR on Aave v3 on Polygon
With the upcoming launch of Aave v3 on Polygon, we have had the opportunity to create a proposal to add the support of our Euro stablecoin to the leading money market protocol.
This listing could give jEUR quite an exposure, in addition to the valuable use cases it will enable!
Jarvis Network 🧪
🇪🇺 We are excited to have published a proposal to add $jEUR on @AaveAave v3 on @0xPolygon.

This will allow:
1⃣borrowing $jEUR for shorting it, or off-ramping it to your bank.
2⃣ lending $jEUR to earn a safe yield with direct access from your bank.
Avalanche deployment
The Synthereum protocol was deployed on the Avalanche C-chain, and the first jCHF was minted off USDC.e.
We are waiting for Chainlink to deploy new price feeds to add Avalanche to Jarvis Exchange and Mt Pelerin.
Fiat on and off-ramp on the BNB Chain!
Our partner Mt Pelerin has activated their services for our stablecoins on the BNB Chain (previously Binance Smart Chain - BSC).
Individuals and companies can now go from their bank to the BNB Chain, back and forth, without any fee!
Mt Pelerin
Say hello to the new ultimate way to send funds to and from @binance !

✅ Free
✅ Compliant
✅ Non custodial

An awesome on/off ramp brought to you by @mtpelerin 🤝 @Jarvis_Network

How it works 👇👇👇

1/ Get
~90% APR for the JRT-ETH Sushiswap pool
Together with UMA, we have launched the JRT-ETH KPI Option! This option can be farmed by JRT-ETH liquidity providers depositing their LP tokens into the JRT-ETH Beefy vault.
Jarvis Network 🧪
🖨️ 91% APR on our JRT-ETH @beefyfinance vault.

LPs earn compounding yield (from selling SUSHI) + a boost in a form of a KPI option (by @UMAprotocol).

The KPI option is liquid against USDC, so LPs can sell their option now or keep it until the settlement date, the 2nd of May.
We have published an article to introduce to you what a KPI Option is, and how ours does work:
Launch of the JRT-ETH KPI Option. Jarvis Network and UMA are teaming up… | by Pascal Tallarida | Jarvis Network | Feb, 2022 | Medium
African stablecoins: jZAR and cXOF on the BNB Chain!
Last week, we launched our South-African Rand stablecoin, the jZAR. It has been integrated within Jarvis Exchange.
Jarvis Network 🧪
$jNGN and $jZAR on on #BNBChain

jZAR is a South-African Rand stablecoin that can be converted back and forth for $BUSD at the @chainlink price feed.
We also have deployed the cXOF, a whitelabel of our jXOF that will be used by DuniaPay. cXOF is collateralized with jEUR using our Fixed Exchange Rate contract.
The Naira, the CFA Franc and the Rand were the 3 African currencies that we were excited to launch together with our deployment on the BNB Chain, giving the fact that the latter is the most used Blockchain on the continent.
The next steps will consist in launching a 2zar pool on Ellipsis, and launching a fiat on and off-ramp for the cXOF.
Imbalances = best remittance corridors!
The 2ngn pool quickly became imbalanced because of the difference of prices between jNGN, which trades at the official NGNUSD (1 USD = ~415 NGN), and NGNT, which trades at the parallel market rate.
This creates an imbalance that enables the cheapest cross-border payment between Europe and Nigeria.
pascalus XII (🧪,🥕,🌽,🥦)
A few days ago we seeded the #2ngn pool on @Ellipsisfi, pairing $NGNT from @NGNToken with $jNGN, on the #BSC.

They both are a #Naira stablecoin (Nigeria 🇳🇬) but they don't trade the same way, resulting in an imbalance.

This creates a HUGE value for the Nigerian diaspora.

A similar situation has happened on the 2cad pool.
Jarvis Network 🧪
It also increase the efficience of the remittance corridor between Europe and Canada.

You can get paid for sending money from Europe to Canada...
These imbalances can be problematic for LPs who are not Nigerian, Canadian or Japanese, but create remittance corridors that are the cheapest (sometimes they are even free and profits can be made off these imbalances). This enables an infrastructure for cross-border payment.
It was the topic of our last live:
Cross-border payment powered by Blockchain #remittance
Cross-border payment powered by Blockchain #remittance
Multichain has launched a new route for jEUR
A new bridge between Polygon and the BNB Chain has been deployed on Multichain (previously Anyswap) for $jEUR. Users can now move $jEUR across three blockchains (Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain).
It also enables a multi-chain on-chain Forex: jCAD (Polygon) -> jZAR (BNB Chain) leveraging the jEUR route. This would need to be automated to enable seamless cross-chain Forex swaps.
Multichain adds a new route between Polygon and BNB Chain for jEUR | by Pascal Tallarida | Jarvis Network | Feb, 2022 | Medium
Launch of the WBTC-jEUR pool
We have deployed and seeded a new liquidity pool on the Quiswap Dex on Polygon to increase the presence of jEUR on secondary markets.
Jarvis Network 🧪
A new WBTC-jEUR liquidity pool has been launched on @QuickswapDEX on @0xPolygon

Traders can take advantage of $jEUR's convertibility for $USDC and integration within @paraswap and @mtpelerin to perform arbitrages on DEX and CEX.
New podcast
Pascal had the pleasure to record and new podcast with the Cache Gold team, to introduce our jFIAT to their community.
Cache tokenized real gold and allows anyone to purchase these tokens on Uniswap. We are planning on working with them with the future launch of our jGOLD.
We just released Episode 4 of CACHE Money with Pascal Tallarida, founder of @Jarvis_Network!
🧪 Synthereum
  • TVL: $8,041,553.46 ($7,866,634.32)
  • Market Cap: $6,838,540 ($6,680,531)
Primary market
  • Volume: $112,417,963 ($107,275,024)
  • Swaps: 34,306 (33,630)
  • Users: 9,461 (9,427)
More data on our Dune Analytics dashboard
  • We completed to the code for the lending module and therefore started working on the tests. As a reminder, this module is responsible to deploy the USDC on Aave.
  • Most of the Solidity work for the liquidity pools is done.
  • We have deployed our Fixed Exchange Rate architecture on the BNB Chain and the whole protocol on Avalanche.
We are still waiting for an answer for Fantom.
📱 Apps
Exchange app
We have hired a team to work on a light version of Jarvis Exchange to support our Fixed Exchange Rate currency, allowing users to interact with our synthetic CFA Franc.
Borrowing app
We have finished setting up the repository and the development of the application has started.
Onboarding app
We have addressed some of the UIX issues and have started working on cleaning up the repository.
🗳️ Governance
  • p44: Camille from 21yield updated the community about their recent development to mitigate the risks pointed out last week.
  • p45: we have started a new discussion about the renewal of the 2jpy program.
  • p46: we have launched a new topic to address the need of having more volume on secondary markets for jEUR.
No new proposal.
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